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I’m always afraid to share my favorites for guilt of having everyone discover them and then I never get the guilty pleasure of enjoying good music selfishly to myself.  Nonetheless, I’ll present to you a delight in musicality that you don’t come across everyday.  Derived from the Armenian word, apaga, which means ‘future’ – APEYGA (ah-pay-gah) certainly lives up to its name.  The futuristic fusions of jazz, punk, metal, funk and art rock music put this instrumental band in a class all unto its own.  It’s no wonder that they won the Rock City News Award for “Best Melodic & Instrumental Band 2006.” 

In 2003, Apeyga was started by two brothers – Justin and John Peloian; Justin plays guitar while John handles the bass.  The compositions are based on ideas Justin had while attending grad school for Visual Arts and further developed when John was seeking his Master of Arts degree in Psychology.  After playing various open mike nights, they developed a following and were asked to play the infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard.  I’m no stranger to the Rainbow and I know if you get asked to play there, you’re obviously worth a listen. 

Justin and John describe their efforts as “Instrumental Fusion.”  They’ve consciously decided to forgo the vocalist allowing the instruments themselves to provide the verses.  However, their latest creations will have lyrics added into the mix of what inspires them in their quest for amelioration.  Their next album should have a vocalist joining in on the Apeyga venture to bring life to the lines they wrote for their latest songs.

The guys liken their music to “drinking a shot of whiskey for the first time.”  They say “It is shocking and you will remember it, however it might take a little while for it to grow on you.  For most people, they will try it again, appreciating more each time, and some even become addicted.”  

After grooving to their sound bites available on their website and Myspace page, I certainly see what they mean!  Apeyga hits you like a thunderbolt and jolts you so high you can’t help but keep coming back for a more.  Their music is intelligent supremacy yet digestible for the mere mortals of music appreciation. 

Apeyga’s unique style is “created by fusing guitar riffs together until the general structure of the song is built.”  The bass lines are added in next ascertaining that each piece transitions flawlessly into one another.  The drum sections are added in last using their drummer’s innovations.  A lot of their improv collaborations have formed into bona-fide originals. 

Their latest album Forward is a collective ultra mod mix of jazz and metal and was self-produced at their studio in Culver City, CA using a Mac Powerbook and Motu 828 interface and Audiodesk software.  Their latest endeavor is currently being played on internet radio collective Live 365.  My favorite song is “Traveler” a psychedelic groove of a journey reminiscent of a group called Television from times of yore.  I just love the heavy unparallel use of bass lines.  “151” is a strange brew of heavy metal and funk with sounds of swans dying in the background.  The jazzy funk-a-delic “Liberatus” and “Pinstripe” add to the diversity of the album.  The eerily spacey “The End of Reason” calls out from the dark with metal lurking in the shadows.  Another showstopper – “Galaxies” – is an oceanic melodrama dream. 

Although they are primarily Southern Cal based, they are generating fans from all over the world and may subsequently be able to tour outside their locale.   

Any fan of progressive music should make an effort to check these guys out.  They are not the future; they are the now!  Please visit their websites to find out more about Apeyga and how to purchase their albums and get the latest tour information. 



The new album Forward is available on CD from CDBABY at or Download it from iTUNES at

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