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“Live Music Night – Night of Sweet Relief” Annual Event

This weekend, October 14, 15 &16 marks the inaugural event for “Live Music Night”/ “Night of Sweet Relief” The planned event, spread out across the U.S. and several international locations, focuses on live music performance and the partnership of musical artists, venues and music fans.

This fall, every weekend throughout the United States, millions of people will attend some form of live entertainment. It may be one of 15 professional football games or a few hundred college ball games. There might be a thousand theatre productions, hundreds of motor sports events and a few dozen extreme sports gatherings. But when it comes to a total number of entertainment options, live music outweighs them all. On any given Saturday there are tens of thousands of musicians, singers and djs playing out in clubs, bars, theatres, restaurants, schools, churches, garages, arenas and stadiums.

“Live Music Night” is being organized by national non-profit charity, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in conjunction with hundreds of music venues, promoters, artists and ticketing companies. One of the premiere shows slated for this weekend is the legendary Grammy winning guitarist Peter Frampton at Houston’s House of Blues. The timing couldn’t be more appropriate as Mr. Frampton’s album, “Frampton Comes Alive!”, recognized as one of the bestselling live album of all time, celebrates its 35 year anniversary. Regarding this weekend’s event, Frampton said “Music and playing it live is my passion. It is both gratifying and a pleasure to be able to share what I love to do and partner with fellow musicians, concert-goers, and an organization that helps support developing and emerging artists.”-. In 2010, Frampton was also instrumental with Sweet Relief’s assistance for fellow artist, the late Richie Hayward, drummer for four decades with Little Feat.

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett of Little Feat are headlining WeberFest in Kokomo IN, also in support of “Night of Sweet Relief” Mr. Barrere worked with Sweet Relief intimately for over a year helping to organize events, fundraising and support during his band mates yearlong illness. Paul Barrere commented “Playing our music live for fans across the country has been and is a joyful and rewarding experience. I like the idea of a celebration that connects the musicians, venues and fans and includes some solution for suffering artists” “After all the support that Sweet Relief showed for Richie Hayward I would do anything for these folks – they are simply the best – Fred and I are proud to be part of this special weekend!!!” he added.

“Sweet Relief owes much of our effectiveness to the assistance of established artists like Peter Frampton & Paul Barrere” said Sweet Relief’s Executive Director, Rob Max. “Musicians who have toured for their whole lives know how rewarding and difficult it can be. When illness or disability takes an artist off the stage there is often no safety net beyond charities like ours” he added.

Over 200 shows are scheduled for “Live Music Night” 2011 with details available at Major Partner/Sponsors include Billboard Touring Conference & Awards, ReverbNation, Heil Sound, IM Radio, New Music Tipsheet and Record Store Day . Ticket company partners include TicketMaster, TicketFly, TicketBiscuit, TicketWeb,and Ticket Alternative.

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