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Berklee College of Music Unveils Exclusive Music Network For Students, Alumni, and Faculty

Berklee College of Music, the world’s premiere institution for the study of contemporary music, and Berkleemusic, its award-winning online extension school, today announced the launch of the Berklee Music Network, a first-of-its-kind music network, exclusive to Berklee students, alumni, and faculty, as well as select partners and music industry professionals.

The Berklee Music Network is an online community of the “best of the best” in music. Over 75,000 Berklee-trained and affiliated individuals, including Amy Ellis from Karmin, Stefan Lessard from the Dave Matthews Band, and many other noteworthy composers, producers, managers, performers and music industry professionals who are actively moving the business of music forward. The network provides a platform by which these professionals can collaborate, advance their careers through education and a robust job board, and get exclusive gear discounts from some of the industry leaders in the music business: Guitar Center, SoundCloud, IZotope, and many more.

“Berklee College of Music has an unparalleled track record in producing and educating the world’s best musicians, entrepreneurs, producers, and songwriters,” says Dave Kusek, CEO of Berkleemusic. “The Berklee Music Network is a destination where these top-tier musicians can continue their musical and professional growth in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our exclusive job boards and partner deals, coupled with the ability to personally interact with other Berklee-trained musicians, is a huge advantage to being part of Berklee, and it exists no where else online.”

Although current Berklee affiliates—students, alumni, faculty, and staff—have exclusive access to the Berklee Music Network, new members can join the network by enrolling with Berklee College of Music in Boston, or by taking an online course with

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