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Denver Singer Songwriter Drew Schofield Releases New Folk Rock Album, Rallies Support for Social Justice Issues.

After three years of hard work, grit, and determination, Drew Schofield will release his independent debut album, “Away We Go” on December 7, 2012, presenting a record that more than pays its debt of delayed hopes. This collection of finely crafted pieces is sure to delight fans and open doors for a larger audience to enjoy Drew’s work. With a folksy inflection and tasteful utilization of falsetto, Drew Schofield’s voice calls to mind singer/songwriter greats such as Kenny Loggins and Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik. The music is an acoustic-driven mix of folk rock with a pop sensibility that drives Schofield’s melodic hooks to the forefront of the listener’s attention.

Drew’s new record “Away We Go” is an album full of life. The intro track “Stars” draws the listener into a somber, acoustic space then explodes into a high-energy instrumental chorus. Beautifully executed dynamic changes throughout the record beg a second listen. Drew strips it all away on “True” (track 4), playing only a guitalele (think ukulele with 6 strings) and lamenting over a love that might have been. Mandolin, glockenspiel, violin and accordion authenticate the introspective folk side of Schofield’s music, while Rhodes and Hammond organs compliment electric guitar hooks on more upbeat numbers. Drew even throws in a little blue-eyed soul with “You Always Run,” an acoustic-blues number at track 3. Every song is a story, and the music rounds out the plot delightfully.

“Away We Go” was recorded in an old pipe organ chapel in Broomfield, CO, home to San Luis Sound. The open space and vaulted ceilings of the studio bring a sense of breadth to each track. Joe Turse, Drew’s producer on this album, was also the engineer behind the latest record from local alt folk band Chimney Choir, (ladder). Turse uses a combination of digital and analog mixing techniques to bring unique warmth to the music he produces.

But the music is not an end in itself for Schofield. He is hopeful that his music can bring beauty into the world beyond the simple enjoyment of rhythm, meter, and melody; Drew wants to impact real lives and meet genuine human need. “I have always sought to be part of something that is bigger than myself,” says Schofield. “I hope to make a difference in the lives of the down-and-out, the war-torn and the broken; unfortunately, there is a lot of that in our world.” Schofield sees himself partnering with a variety of organizations in the years to come that seek to bring about social justice. With the release of “Away We Go,” Drew has pledged one half of the profits from CD Sales within the first year to Project: Home, a homegrown venture with his wife Chelsea. The couple is seeking to adopt a child from Ethiopia and help other couples do the same.

As a token of appreciation to new prospective fans, Drew is giving away a free download of his song “Stars” for a limited time when listeners sign up for his email newsletter from his website at “I love to share my music with new people,” says Schofield. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done on this album and would love to get the word out about my music and the causes I stand by.”

Drew Schofield has stepped forward confidently with “Away We Go,” his first studio record. His indie folk rock sound is sure to please an ever-growing audience. The dynamic range of Schofield’s vocals alongside the dips and swells of his instrumentation draw in the listener and hold attention from the first chord to the last note of decaying reverb.

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