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About Sirens of the Sonic Age Sirens of the Sonic Age is a site devoted to progressive music and the artists and fans who support it.  Coverage of the latest news, concerts and releases will be posted continually to keep you informed.  Profiles of up-and-coming artists as well as the great dinosaurs of innovative music will be included on the front page.  Plus videos and music streams will be added for your pleasure.   Music is an all terrain vehicle – allow yourself to jump in and explore.  So strap in for a bit and enjoy the sonic ride. 


About Connie J. Schlosberg I’ve been both a music fan and a participant for as long as I’ve been around.  I’ve been a deadhead, a parrothead and a metal mamma.  My interest for progressive music started after high school when I dated a guy who was heavy into such bands as Yes and Rush.  He didn’t last long but my love for prog rock did.  I expanded my horizons to any artist who is willing to put it all out there.  When I studied acting at the Theatre of Arts in Los Angeles, my friends and I would hang out at the Rainbow and Gazzarri’s, furthering my tastes to heavy metal. I figured I would put my journalistic chops to good measure and start this site – both to entertain myself and expose new sounds to anyone daring enough to be open-minded.   Please visit for more information.

Copyright, Connie J. Schlosberg, 2012

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  1. Hey Connie, I saw that you had posted my release about the Johnny Ramone Doc a couple weeks ago. I have a followup release re: the Johnny Ramone Tribute event we did in LA. Wanted to know if you were interested in it. I can send it to you.



    Comment by steve glum | October 18, 2009 | Reply

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