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Check out Midas Whale on the Voice

The Voice was ho hum for me until I saw this:

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Papa Roach to Launch New Album on Lifetime

Papa Roach is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated rock band hailing from Sacramento, CA. Over their decade-spanning career, the band has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, produced 10 top 10 Rock Hits, seen 260 Million Online Plays and has accumulated 6.3 million combined fans via social media channels. On October 2, Papa Roach is releasing their highly anticipated new album, The Connection on Eleven Seven Music. Their first single from the album, “Still Swingin” has received over 1 million total views on Youtube.

Lifetime is a newly launched group video chat service in private beta. It enabled group video chat with up to 9 people on video chat and unlimited people in the text chat. Lifetime does not require other chat participants to login or create an account to video chat with the host and other participants.

Papa Roach and Eleven Seven Music have decided to help launch THE CONNECTION group video chat service, which enables live interaction through audio, video and text with and between the participants. Lifetime’s new Mute and Unseat featuresoffer the host complete control over the conversation in chat room.

Lifetime’s chat room looks like a digital venue as represented by the image. Papa Roach and fans will be able to sit in the chairs below using a webcam and microphone. They already tried this, and it has been a fun and engaging experience for fans and the band alike.

Lifetime and Papa Roach believe that it will be a pleasure to come together with fans for a chat, talk about the new music album and send out some copies of the album. The launch is scheduled on October 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM PST. Fans can visit to be part of the show.

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Slash in 3D

The first video off of Slash’s #1 Rock Album SLASH, which hit retail in April and has received rave reviews worldwide, has been converted into full 3D, it was announced today in a joint statement by San Diego-based 3D Production & Conversion studio PassmoreLab & Slash.

The 5-minute rock music video, “By The Sword”, is the first single off the album and the first video ever from Slash to be released in 3D. It features the vocals of Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, and the ever-present blistering guitar work from Slash. The 3D video was released internationally today.

Slash, currently on tour promoting the album, has been on top of every aspect of the album and video process.

“Everything was cool, start to finish,” said Slash. “From Andrew’s vocals, to Vance directing me again, to PassmoreLab doing the 3D, it has been a killer experience and I am thrilled with it.”

Vance Burberry, Director of the video in 2D, said the video was a “wonderful, four month collaboration” between he and Slash. Burberry has a long history with Slash from his Guns ‘N Roses days, where he was Director of Photography on the band’s “Sweet Child o’Mine”, “Paradise City” and “Welcome to the Jungle” rock videos.

“On this one, we created a kind of post-apocalyptic future, where people are starved for music,” says Burberry. “We end up underground in this dark, deserted power plant bunker, where Slash and the band are mesmerizing an audience. When I found out that we were doing the conversion with PassmoreLab, I thought that environment was perfect for 3D.”

PassmoreLab began work on the project in May, and found the underground setting of the video was actually quite demanding. The conversion took about four weeks to complete, using PassmoreLab’s proprietary conversion technology.

“It’s edgy, dark and fast — everything you would expect from Slash,” said Steve Glum, PassmoreLab’s head of Branding & Distribution. “Everybody in the video is hypnotized by this murky hunger for rock n roll, and the quick camera cuts, sweeping movement, and low lighting gave us a real conversion challenge. But the final 3D product is very cool.”

SLASH hit the charts on April 6. Featuring an incredible lineup of rockers and vocalists like Kid Rock, Dave Grohl, Myles Kennedy, Fergie, Adam Levine, Chris Cornell, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and more, the album has been critically-acclaimed all over the world.

“We were very excited to do it,” continued Glum. “If you are going to produce an artist’s 3D rock video, Slash is definitely on the top of that list.”
SLASH is Slash’s first album as a solo artist, having previously recorded and toured most recently with Velvet Revolver from 2003-2008. One of the most recognizable rockers of all time, with his signature top hat, he is also critically recognized as one of the all-time best guitarists ever to play. In August 2009, Time Magazine ranked him #2 on its list of the 10 Best Electric Guitar Players of All-Time.

Always on the cutting-edge of music, art and technology, PassmoreLab has a solid background in rock and 3D music videos, working with New York garage-glam phenoms Semi Precious Weapons on the award-winning “Magnetic Baby”; with punk-rockers Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk on “Wicked World”, with Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar on “Loud”, and LA art noir group Miss Derringer on “Black Tears”. PassmoreLab also delved into the rock-and-roll archives of famed photographer Bob Gruen to produce the first-ever 3D conversions of images from the Rock, Punk, and New Wave eras. Working together with Gruen, PassmoreLab developed an innovative new process to convert many of Gruen’s well-known images to a format that can be viewed on stereoscopic displays.

“By The Sword, in 3D!” will be seen in VOD on various network locations in Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Japan & Canada; at the 3D Experience Entertainment & Technology Festival as the pre-roll to U23D in Times Square, New York City; and at Hard Rock Cafes in Barcelona & Madrid; additional locations to be announced.

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Gaga in the room

I’m a lot like Truman Capote if I dare may say. He was always himself no matter who his muse of the moment was. So I am. I’m the girl in the ultra trés mini and drag queen makeup whenever I’m forced to be in some conservative spot. Always a show girl. It’s theatre. It’s art, baby. Naturally, it was only fitting that I would be dressed in a maxi pink floral dress with appropriate matching cardigan for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver last Wednesday night. Huh!
Wannabes – as we called them in my teeny bop days – were dressed in their glitterati. Adorable little minions. I couldn’t do it. I would fit in. How un-apropos. My daughter didn’t even dress up. I guess a knock off the old block eh! Aesthetics aside there’s more to Lady Gaga to get me stirred up. Huh!
If you ask what does Gaga have to do with progressive music, then you have not allowed yourself to be exposed to her Gaganess. However, I find the woman intriguing since I’m a lover and participant of the theater and performance art. I’m surprised her music hasn’t been labeled “art rock” but I would never support labeling anything anyway. Huh!
Her show was an invitation for us to join her at the Monster Ball. We – being her little monsters. I’m not a subject of the monster family; however, I am an Italian-American from New York just like Lady Gaga. Maybe that’s why the 24 years old has captured the adoration of this 43 years old. Huh!
Seeing her on stage sent me back in a time capsule to another life I had. One that I still cling to. I’ve been reawakened. Lady Gaga says she’s “letting the freaks outside and locking all the fucking doors.” This freak has been inside for too long. Time to let her out. Huh!
I’ve perceived and received a lot of smack for taking my ten year old daughter to see the super-sonic iconic for gays. Well…I say “back off” in the utmost respectful way. My neighbor professed that my daughter will be exposed to all the “gay people making out” and acting in lewd ways. What? I didn’t see anyone sucking face or otherwise. The audience included all the colors over and under the rainbow Awesome, I say. It was one of the most polite audiences I have been with in quite a while, especially considering that I’ve never been a good audience member always wanting to be on stage or backstage. I’m at home there. Huh!
Did she drop the f-bomb? Of course! Don’t all of us New Yorkers? My daughter is not immune from it and ironically, abhors the word. I was proud to hear Lady Gaga tell her monsters to be themselves no matter what. I hope my daughter embraces those same words I constantly tell her. It was a great mother-daughter experience. Critics – take that back to your mundane objective worlds. As Lady Gaga preached, “I’m a free bitch, baby.” The party is here. Let’s go. Huh!

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Tommy Gallagher and his Incredible Friends

Tommy Gallagher and his Incredible Friends

Kick out the jams with Tommy Gallagher and friends ©

By Connie J. Schlosberg

Tommy Gallagher’s Incredible Friends’ music kicks off with a punch.  Self-described as a “Seasoned, Professional, Fun loving Jamband,” Tommy provides an innovative sound to some great favorites.  Their rendition of the Allman Brothers jazz-influenced instrumental “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” is phenomenal.  Versions of “Little Wing” and “Cosmic Ray” are remarkable.  Their approach is unconstrained, unhindered expression of complete freedom for the music.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tommy got together with award winning guitarist/vocalist Michael Reese, bassist Kim Stone, a five-time Grammy nominee, former Spyra Gyra alumni and current member of the Rippingtons, and drummer Lenny Campanaro, the formerly of Badfinger, Iron Butterfly and his own band Private Life in the autumn of 2007.  Both individually and collectively these guys rock the house.  No need for fancy showmanship – the music speaks for itself.  A vision of true musicianship!

You can listen to a sampler at  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Upcoming Shows


Sunday, June 7, 2009, 8:30 PM

Hosted by Kim Stone

The Ancient Mariner

962 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO

For more information on Tommy Gallagher and his Incredible Friends, please visit:

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Music and Censorship ©


Artists should be given free reign in the creation and display of their works regardless if

these said pieces of work offend or disparage some – or even – all persons’ beliefs and

values. Artists should be able to create, write and perform and use whatever it is that

drives them to accomplish the works that they do. Sometimes artists choose to use their

work as a forum for their political and religious beliefs and ideas. This is no different

than politicians and religious leaders using their positions to promote their ideologies.

There is no reason why an artist cannot use their freedom of expression in their songs,

books, or art. Suppressing freedom is damaging to the individual freedoms that are the

basic civil rights of all citizens. If even just one person is allowed to voice his/her

opinions and concerns – regardless of what form they choose to use – then every person

shall be able to do the same if he/she so desires. There is no guarantee that anyone else

will pay attention if the message is not appealing. However, it is the right of every

American citizen to practice free speech including various forms of artistic expression.

After the United States Constitution had been written, some of the Founding Fathers

wanted to ratify it to exclude such items as the Bill of Rights – including the first

amendment – to guarantee rights to all of its citizens. Not all Americans approved of the

new Constitution, arguing that it gave too much power to a centralized, federal

government and that it lacked a bill of rights to protect citizens against the coercive

powers of the state. The Federalist Papers were started by Alexander Hamilton and

James Madison to argue for these ratifications to the United States Constitution. These

publications attempted to finesse the country towards their way of thinking. Eventually

the desire for a stable federal government and the promise of the prompt addition of the

bill of rights, brought ratification from the required majority of states.

With that said, this is still a country comprised of “We the people” and artists are

certainly a part of that citizenry. Every voice shall be heard no matter how that voice is

parlayed whether it is via a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., a novel by Mark Twain, a

photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe or a song by Green Day. In Rolling Stone

magazine’s issue 1039, Eddie Vedder was asked if free speech is in danger. He replied,

“Absolutely, at the hands of those in power – big corporations… It doesn’t seem like a

far stretch – that our daily communication and access to information can be controlled

and monitored…” In August 2007, Vedder’s band Pearl Jam performed in Chicago at

Lollapalooza which was being broadcasted by AT&T. While playing their song

“Daughter,” they interjected riffs from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” altering

lyrics to criticize President George Bush. No one who saw the broadcast heard more than

the first line because AT&T had censored the rest of it. After receiving a lot of flack, the

company apologized for its action, stating that it had made a mistake and changed current

company policy to respect freedom of expression and “believes it is a foundation of our

free society to express differing points of view.” AT&T stated they will not terminate,

disconnect or suspend service because of the views anyone expresses on public policy

matters, political issues or political campaigns.

Madonna is an artist who is no stranger to controversy with her work. Her video for

“Like a Prayer” caused a commotion with the Catholic Church. The video contained

images of stigmata, burning crosses and a rape scene which offended many Catholics.

Madonna should have the right to articulate how she wants to show the meaning of her

music. The American government and society ought not to interfere with her dalliances.

Their responsibility to artists as well as the rest of its inhabitants is to permit unalienable

natural rights that it supposedly stands for. As Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong said,

“I’m a musician and I want to say positive things. If it’s about self-indulgent depression

or overthrowing the government, it’s gotta come from my heart.” Perhaps this freedom

enhances the artist’s ability to make his/her audience think. Without this right to free

speech, the country may never have changed and grown. Even if the message is one that

not everyone agrees with, it still put forth a new or different perspective worth at least a

second glance or listen. A country cannot prosper without respecting the diversity of its


Artists’ responsibility to society is to maintain their integrity with their work. No matter

what the message is from the artist, it should reflect the artist’s own beliefs and values. If

this message should attract an audience and inspire them to think or act differently, then

there should be no interference from the government or institutions that lead the country.

The only exception may be if a law was broken – unless of course – it is the law that is

being questioned. Even if the message repulses an audience, then maybe this is the intent

of the artist. Sometimes people need to see the reality in things even if those things are

ugly. That may be the only way to get people motivated to change. If they are not

inclined to do so, they have the option to turn it off or look away or create something in

protest of it.

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Montreal Band Karmadoza pays tribute to The B-52s

karmadoza snow 


Paying great homage to the “world’s greatest party” band but forgoing the bouffant hairdos, progressive band Karmadoza’s latest album – “K-52s – A Tribute to The B-52s” – is chock full of splendid songs from the new wave rock pioneers The B-52s.  Karmadoza features a collection of Montreal’s hip accomplished musicians:  Guitarist Stéphane Vigeant (Floating Widget, Madking Ludwig, Groovy Aardvark), Vocalist Vicky Martel (Vénus 3, Killing Venus), Guitarist François Legendre (Paranoland, Groovy Aardvark, Lumberjack), Drummer Raphaël Corbeil (Madking Ludwig), and Bassist/Vocalist Vincent Peake (Kosmos, Floating Widget, Groovy Aardvark, Grim Skunk).

     Karmadoza’s eleven song album – currently available for download through – features The B-52s classics of their signature anthem 52 Girls, Lava, and 6060-842 from their kitschy self-titled debut album.  Karmadoza’s 52 Girls version rivals that of the Offspring’s cover.  The rhythm section really savages the beat.  Vicky’s melodious vocals equally match both Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson.  Vincent `a la Fred Schneider harmoniously duets with Vicky, keeping the music as amusing as it should be.  The more psychedelic Private Idaho, Dirty Back Road, Strobe Light, and Give Me Back My Man – a campy song about a woman losing her “man” to a man-eating shark – from the “Wild Planet album”.  Karmadoza exhibit these absurd renditions in fabulous style.  My favorite cover is Channel Z, a quirky tune about a fictional radio station. 

     This album is the pursuit of fun loving pop culture at its best.  Rather than being nostalgic, the usually rock/metal influenced Karmadoza modernizes The B-52s sound without imitating it.  Their purpose is pure; the quality is inventive.  It’s a fresh, liberating musicianship as opposed to cheesy pop-tart art.  If The B-52s welded punk rock into new wave, then Karmadoza transformed new wave back into punk rock. 

     To find out more, please visit Karmadoza’s Myspace page at


Click here for a free download of “52 Girls”

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The Kosmic Konnection – Kosmos Premiere Album Reviewed



Kosmos – a new project by Voivod drummer Michel “Away” Langevin – is dedicated to progressive music at its psychedelic best. Both friends and musicians, these guys must have launched together in the spaceship that traveled them back to atomic punk. All of them – experienced in their art – give them license to explore the genre further. Joining Away on his space odyssey is the flamboyant hip swiveling JetPhil giving us his smoky groove guitar playing, the omnipresent Vincent Peake providing his rocket-fueled bass, and Alex Crow, guitar extraordinaire and electrically-talented keyboardist.

Dedicated to Denis “Piggy” D’amour, Voivod’s singular guitarist, who succumbed to colon cancer in August 2005, the album’s 12 songs are each chock full of bizarre distortions set to the maximum level taking you on a time traveling journey. The first song, which happens to be my favorite, Psycho has flavors of 70s prog rock bands such as Yes and Rush. JetPhil captures Jeff Beck’s guitar sounds at his best and Alex Crow channels Rick Wakeman in this whirlwind ride. Dreams remind me of a lullaby high on laser beams while Grand Grizou flies the spaceship to the next galaxy. The space-induced whispers of Yawa leads into the cosmic shaman sounding Indu Kush complete with Indian chants and featuring Away’s notoriously thunderous drumming.

This mostly instrumental album also has a couple of tunes with vocals. The Mark Bolan-style bluesy Much Too Old featuring Xavier Caféϊne on vocals and the poetic spaced-out Amerique Innavouable showcasing Vince Peake’s incredible bass grooves. Krautrock is a generous tribute to all the Kraut rock bands like Hawkwind, Zombi, and Monster Magnet. Finishing the tour is rocket-fueled Septial and Mess Noire – a 70’s grooved song that’ll have you up and dancing wondering what happened to Be-ins.

The best thing about Kosmos is the dream journey they unwittingly take you on – letting you forget the troubles of today and finding a future in your tomorrows. Close your eyes and keep believing.

Please visit their website at

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Featured Band – The Asylum


THE ASYLUM – Hot Arizona Metal 

Looking for a great sound with an innovative crunch and ferocious complexity?  You’ll have that with The Asylum – an up and coming Phoenix-based heavy metal band.  Self-described as emotional, powerful, heavy and aggressive, The Asylum certainly live up to their expectations.  Reminiscent of old Metallica and Megadeth, they effectively break the sound barrier of mainstream metal.

Formed in the summer of 2005, the lineup consists of Jason Kendall’s spine chilling vocals, Vince LuPone’s faster than the speed of light guitar playing, Gerard Burick’ assailing thunderous bass and Dan Edwards’ head banging drums.

Recorded in Vince’s home studio, their debut album Closer to the Evil contains 11 songs of intense magnitude.  You can listen to a sampler at  The album starts with the riveting “This War Ends” which showcases each member’s talents.  Jason’s vocals sound like a pumped up Rob Zombie.  Mellower “Torn Apart” is The Asylum’s powerhouse ballad – metal style.  The album finishes with “Boundaries” a nine minute thought-provoking piece.  Lyrics are challenging with opalescent rendering.

The Asylum is currently touring Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico with a few dates at the legendary Whiskey a Go-Go in Los Angeles.  Make an effort to join Jason Kendall in lacing up your straight jackets and go see them live.  Tickets are available for the Whiskey shows at their MySpace page.  

The Asylum – “This War Ends” live at the Whisky a Go Go

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Current tour dates are as follows:

The Asylum

Upcoming Shows ( view all )

Aug 10 2007 9:00P
Andersons Fifth Estate Scottsdale, Arizona
Aug 15 2007 10:30P
Whisky a Go Go Los Angeles, California
Aug 24 2007 10:30P
Alice Cooperstown Phoenix, Arizona
Sep 28 2007 11:15P
Whisky a Go Go Los Angeles, California
Oct 27 2007 11:00P
Club Red Tempe, Arizona

 Please visit their websites at or

The Asylum

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